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(currently on hold due to Covid-19)


"I want to feel like myself again"


Seminar and 'Hot Flash Havoc' movie  (hormone therapy update and discussion of sexual well-being)

When: to be determined
Where: to be determined
Time:  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: Free  

Husbands, Significant others welcome!!! 

RSVP: Please call 310-375-0655 TO RESERVE A SPOT, or 

Learn about effective treatments to alleviate symptoms and prevent the long term consequences of hormonal deprivation.​




Managing the Mysteries' of Menopause 

Midlife can be a time of crisis, but also a time of inner growth. 

Are you grappling with hormonal fluctuations and decline that is causing hot flashes, irritability, weight gain, insomnia, forgetfulness, loss of libido? These can effect your quality of life, self esteem, sexual intimacy, and your spirituality! 


Increasing your awareness of the symptoms, shifts, and treatments for this time of transition can positively impact your sense of well being! 

These can be your best years! 

Please call or email for more information or to schedule a presentation.


Nancy Siskowic, Menopause Specialist, Nurse Practitioner and Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP).  Nancy speaks frequently to women's groups on the issues of mid-life, and provides menopause consults.  

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