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Hormones Matter - "I want to feel like myself again"


Hot Flash: Hormonal Alchemy During the Menopause Transition

by Nancy Siskowic, RN, MSN


Written at the end of a three-year course in the 'Art of Spiritual Direction,' this article is an insightful read for spouses, significant others, friends...and you!!! It includes an intimate look at the symptoms you may be experiencing, and includes thoughtful and personal feedback from the many peri-menopausal patients that Nancy has sat and listened to over the years. 


Important Hormone Updates (2017) by experts in the field of Menopause, which include outstanding rebuttals of misconceptions arising from the Women's Health Initiative:

​Menopausal Hormone Therapy for Primary Prevention: Why the USPSTF is Wrong

by the North American Menopause Society

​Changing the Conversation about Hormone Therapy 

by the International Menopause Society

Excellent Website:

by Dr. Philip M. Sarrel,

A wonderful website with numerous discussions for women who have had a hysterectomy...but a really informative website for all of us!!! Great Resource!




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North American Menopause Society

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