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You can feel

like yourself again...

"During this transformative stage of life, when hormones are diminishing, it's important that women have options to explore a variety of solutions -- medical, dietary, and whole body -- so they can discover what works best for their individual needs."

~ Nancy Siskowic

Meet Nancy...


Nancy is a nurse practitioner specializing in women's health and psych/mental health. She is a nationally-certified menopause practitioner, who is also a certificated spiritual director. Since 1992, she has specialized in issues of perimenopause and menopause. She prescribes hormone replacement therapy (HRT) -- estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone -- to women when diminishing/fluctuating hormones cause hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, and other symptoms.

Her approach is holistic; in a menopause consult, she provides education on the latest menopause studies and hormonal treatments; and on nutrition, diet, supplements, exercise, stress reduction, osteoporosis prevention and more.

As a licensed psychotherapist, she has expertise in the area of relationship issues, anxiety, depression, loss, and self awareness. She prescribes anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medications as needed.


Menopause begins a new chapter of life that can and should be full of possibilities and potential. As women, we have much value to bring others and so many gifts to share . 


"All About Menopause”
with Nancy Siskowic
Cancer Support Community, South Bay

Peninsula Magazine recently interviewed Nancy and shared her journey and mission to help others


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Menopause Moments

Enjoy Nancy's 15-minute interview with Carrie Severson, CEO of The Unapologetic Voice House Publishing Company!

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Nancy's Podcast Interview

Podcast RemedyNancy Siskowic
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It's Personal.

Nancy's first book,

"The Menopause Lady," her journey with breast cancer, is currently available on Amazon. Order below!



Visit for more information!

Experiencing Symptoms?


Hot Flashes (Excessive Sweating)

Night Sweats

Lack of Sleep (Insomnia)


Memory Problems or Loss

Mood Swings (Tearful)


Weight Gain, especially mid-body

Loss of Libido

NOW ON FACEBOOK LIVE - a menopause chat between Nancy and host Sarah Pizzey from Women's Advantage. The content will increase your understanding and may address your questions and concerns about your body's menopause changes and the role of hormone therapy. Simply click here or on the Facebook logo below.

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